They say that 90% of the work on your health is done in the kitchen, with what your intake is. The other 10% is the exercise of course. Ketogenic diet is a very popular way to shed those extra pounds. The Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that provides many health benefits. Studies over the years have shown benefits of a Keto diet when suffering from ailments such as...Continue Reading

Do you get confused when you hear distilled water, mineral water, alkaline water, etc? It is quite understandable. It is especially confusing to differentiate between distilled water and alkaline water. Let’s understand them in detail. Tap water has seen a lot of alternatives in recent times. Alkaline water is the prominent one among them. The advantages of alkaline water are well known to everyone. It is highly rich in minerals...Continue Reading

You know the benefits of alkaline water. But do you know it can help cancer patients as well? This is the thing everyone is keen to know. Should cancer patients drink alkaline water? Or is alkaline water good for cancer? The answer to every question is yes. Cancer patients can use an alkaline water diet during their treatment and by doing so recover quicker. Every organ and every fluid in...Continue Reading

Want to know why every piece of health advice starts with staying hydrated? Let us tell you why. Water is not just to satisfy your thirst. It does a lot more. Water is an essential part of our diet. The health benefits of water are monumental. It keeps the body functioning properly. It helps keep it energized throughout the day and makes you healthy. Every organ system in our body...Continue Reading

Do you know exactly what goes into your body when you take a sip of water? It’s okay if you don’t. Many people are unaware of the water they’re drinking. In fact, many of them don’t even give it a thought. But everyone should. Water is an essential and indispensable substance for human survival. It plays an important part in the function of the body. It is the main component...Continue Reading

Want to manage your blood pressure with ease? Then you might be interested in what we bring to you. Every doctor would suggest drinking a recommended amount of water every day to manage blood pressure. Hydration helps in keeping the pressure maintained. It also improves energy, mood, and clarity. But there is something that helps you way above the regular benefits. It will not only hydrate you better but also...Continue Reading

What would you do if you find out there is one molecule which can effectively boost performance, recovery, alertness, and metabolism? Your game would be taken up to a new level if you can consume this molecule every day. And the good news is, this molecule is available in your drinking water. The molecule is hydrogen. It is already present in your body. But when you consume hydrogen water on...Continue Reading

The short answer is yes. But the long answer is a bit tricky. If you care for your health, you need to read the long answer. We have been drinking purified water for ages without giving it a second thought. But we really should. We see purification as the ultimate way of making the water healthy. It removes harmful substances from the water like microbes, toxins, loose particles, etc. It...Continue Reading

Do you often suffer from heartburn every now and then? There is an effective solution for this problem. But first you need to understand how severe of a heartburn you have. Heartburn is a very common health issue faced by people. It affects their lifestyle in many ways. A heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest. It gets worse when you’re lying on the bed. It is caused by...Continue Reading

Want to know what makes your drinking water healthy? Your water has a pH. And that pH usually falls around 7, making it neutral. Here is where healthy alkaline water differs. Any kind of water with pH over 7 is considered alkaline. The process by which it got there doesn’t matter. If your water has pH more than 7, it is healthy antioxidant alkaline water. It is highly beneficial for...Continue Reading