Alkaline Water Vs. Distilled Water: Know The Difference Between Them

Do you get confused when you hear distilled water, mineral water, alkaline water, etc? It is quite understandable. It is especially confusing to differentiate between distilled water and alkaline water. Let’s understand them in detail. Tap water has seen a lot of alternatives in recent times. Alkaline water is the prominent one among them. The advantages of alkaline water are well known to everyone. It is highly rich in minerals. Among many others, distilled water is gaining attention quickly. It is important to know what it is before jumping the wagon.

Alkaline water is water with higher pH. The pH of alkaline water gets around 8-9. It is considered the best alternative to regular tap water which is acidic in nature. Whereas distilled water goes through a special process of filtration and purification. Let’s understand the differences between them

How distilled water is different from alkaline water

The process of getting distilled water is pretty simple. It can be obtained by boiling tap water and condensing the vapour back into the water. Alkaline water is obtained by adding an alkaline filter to the tap and increasing the pH level of the water with it. The major difference is, the distillation process removes all the essential minerals from the water. It reduces the number of total dissolved solids to almost zero. This posesses a huge problem as the water it produces has no minerals in it. Drinking distilled water has many side effects. These effects of drinking distilled water last very long.

Mineralization in water is highly important. These minerals are calcium, potassium, magnesium, and others which protect our body against mineral deficiency. Mineral-rich water fills a gap left by a deficiency in the diet. Alkaline water gives water that is full of minerals. This is where it differs from distilled water and takes more importance.

Why you must choose alkaline water:

An alkaline water filter such as BioPlus’ H2AAA filter , increases the pH of the water making it alkaline. Along with this, it replenishes water with all the important minerals. This essentially negates the adverse effects caused by the demineralization of your drinking water. Distilled water has a better taste which can be pleasing to many people. But it is devoid of any health benefits. It also doesn’t hydrate as well as alkaline water. Distilled water is known to cause electrolyte imbalance in the body. Alkaline water maintains the electrolytes in the body and keeps the body energized. It is one of the advantages of alkaline water.

It is quite clear that distilled water is not the right choice for healthy long-term consumption. It is best used in chemistry labs only. The human body is not the place it should be in. Benefits of drinking alkaline water, on the other hand, are far more. It helps in protection against free radicals, mineral deficiencies and acidity. It is time to choose alkaline water for routine consumption. Contact BioPlus for alkaline filters now.