Bioplus Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator 500 ml | 1500 PPB

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Color: Blue, White, Black
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1. Drinking Antioxidant Hydrogen-rich Water (option for increasing pH by making water alkaline with the alkaline stick provided with the bottle)
2. Inhaling the Hydrogen Gas
3. Option for making a few available 1-liter Packed Drinking Water Bottles Antioxidant Hydrogen-rich
4. Filling the Antioxidant Hydrogen-rich Water in a Spray Bottle to spray on the skin giving hydrating effect 

1. Portable solution for drinking Alkaline Antioxidant Hydrogen-rich Water
2. Easy to carry
3. Inhaling the Hydrogen Gas
4. Option for making a few available 1-liter Packed Drinking Water Bottles Antioxidant Hydrogen-rich
5. Can be used for hydrating the skin by spraying on it

The Bottle infuses dissolved free molecules of Hydrogen. Dissolved Hydrogen has benefits like being absorbed by the body quickly, making water antioxidant, reducing inflammation, reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome, providing neuroprotection for various diseases, reducing side effects associated with cancer radiation treatment, and more than 150 more benefits.


Product Name
Hydrogen generating bottle
Input Water
Purified water
220 V, 50-60 HZ, SV,  2A
Battery Capacity
3000 mAh
500 ml
Antioxidant (ORP)
up to -750mv
Dissolved Hydrogen up to 1500 ppb
Package Contents Hydrogen Bottle | Nozzle Pipe | Bottle Charging cable | User manual | Bottle cap for inhalation | AA Stick

Hydrogen Produce Cycle 3 and 10 minutes
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    Blue, White, Black


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Shinas C Shoukath
    A Wellness Companion

    I have been using the 500ml H2 Bottle since 1 month.The performance is satisfactory. I carry with me to my workplace and drinks water from it whenever i wish. I got 1437 ppb of Hydrogen and -650(mV) ORP Value. I satisfied with the product but i have a concern in the charging part. if we do the 10 min cycle of hydrogen generation the device couldn't retain the battery charge for long.

    Rachna Joshi
    Thanks to Bio+ for valuable products

    I perfectly find my suit of products, as i know that Bio+ Water products are good to carry for overall health boost, thanks to Bio+

    Sahil Nathani
    Good Product

    Using for more than 1 year. Product works good.

    Drinking once in the morning and once at night.

    Tarang Vyas
    Best Product Ever

    I personally use Bio+ Hydrogen Generating Water Bottle.
    During my office hours daily I consumed approx 2 to 3 ltr water from the Bio+ Hydrogen. My experience is Amazing - Its improve my digesting system. Company support also very nice. I personally recommended this handy Bio+ Hydrogen Water Bottle.