What Is The Difference Between Alkaline Water & Alkalized Water

Want to know what makes your drinking water healthy? Your water has a pH. And that pH usually falls around 7, making it neutral. Here is where healthy alkaline water differs. Any kind of water with pH over 7 is considered alkaline. The process by which it got there doesn’t matter. If your water has pH more than 7, it is healthy antioxidant alkaline water. It is highly beneficial for your health when you drink it regularly. Now the pH of the water can be adjusted by many methods. In some regions the water has a higher pH naturally. In some places, it is so low that installing an alkaline filter becomes a necessity.

Our body is made up of more than 75% water. This makes it important that the water we drink is healthy. There is a lot of confusion among people about alkaline water and alkalized water. People consider one superior to the other based on their limited knowledge and experience. But there is a distinct difference between both of them. Let’s understand that difference so we can make healthy adjustments to our lifestyle.

How do Alkaline Water & Alkalized Water differ

Alkaline Water, as we know, has pH on the alkaline side. This pH is achieved through a chemical change in the composition of the water. Some places have organically high pH water but where it doesn’t, some minerals are added to the water. The pH is raised more than 7 by mineralizing the water. Synthetic minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc. are added to the water and the pH is increased. This can be done via various methods but one of the most prominent and effective methods is installing an alkaline filter. Alkaline filters such as BioPlus H2AAA+ mineralizing alkaline water filters are small filters which can be connected to a tap or RO system. They effectively increase the pH and remineralize the water.

Alkalized Water also has a higher pH but the method through which it is attained is different. The pH is raised through electrical change in the water. This can be done through the process called electrolysis. This process gives out alkaline ionized water from the natural chemistry of the water. It doesn’t add any chemical compounds like calcium into the water. It is done through a system called alkaline water ionizer such as BioPlus IonGen alkaline water ionizer. It can be installed in your kitchen and takes very little space. It gives healthy alkalized water without any hassle.

The method by which you get your healthy water doesn’t matter much. What matters is you have healthy water everyday and keep your body fit. We have a large line of products of different filters and ionizers which can help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Visit our website for alkaline filters and ionizers now.