Bio+ Hydrogen-rich Generating Machine | Residential Use | Antioxidant Water

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Different Modes:
1. Hydrogen-rich Water for drinking and cooking
2. Purified Water for taking medicines and baby food
3. Cleaning Mode need to run once a week to clean the plates inside and this mode can also be used as disinfectant for cleaning fruits and vegetables as it gives out O3 rich that is Ozone Water

Table top for putting in a Kitchen, Office, or place with maximum of 15 people to drink the water

1. Consuming Hydrogen Gas leads to reduced inflammation & oxidative stress in the body, inflammation and oxidative stress are the root causes of every disease and pathology. We can say basically Hydrogen Gas helps improve immunity.
2. Better digestion
3. Ozone Water to Sterilizing Household Items (Utensils, Mops, Crockery, etc), Fruits, & Vegetables


Hydrogen-Rich Water Generator
Hydrogen Machine
Installation Method
Directly Connected to RO Water purifier(DCR Type) by Booster Pump & Solenoid control to Electrolyzer Installation: Counter top only(not under-sink type) 
323 x 145 x 280 (H,D,W)mm
Net Weight
3.65 kg
Gross Weight
4.5 kg
Power Input : AC 100-240 V/50-60Hz/ Output(P/Adapter):
DC 24V/5A
Operating Temperature 5-50°C(41-100°F)- indoor usage only
Operating Water Pressure
input: 1.0-5.0Kgf/cm2(14-74 psi)
Outflow Rate 1 Liter per minute
Power Consumption Adapter : 120W, (Electrolyzer power consumption : 72W - 24V / 3A)
Extra Filter
pH Enhancer Filter :

Outer Dimension(mm): D 48 x H 140
Filter Media: Bio+ ceramic Ball (NSF)

Life Time:

2000 Liters (approx)

Other Function :
Auto-Stop function
 If input water is not pumped into the product for 10 seconds, the HydroGen will stop automatically to protect the electrolyzer and all-electric circuit. It applies to all modes.
Electrolyzer Cleaning Mode: To extend Electrolyzer lifetime/performance, cleaning mode is needed twice a week or every 70 liters usage.
P/Adapter & Pump : P/Adapter Power: DC 24V 5A, Booster Pump: DC24V 0.6A