Bio+ Antibacterial Alkaline Mineralising Absolute Bottle | 2000 Liters

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The bottle can be very easy to carry to places like your offices, homes, traveling somewhere, and many more.

1. Helps with Better Hydration
2. Helps with Better Digestion
3. Helps Prevent Acid Reflux, Diabetes, and other Digestive Problems
4. The reduced ORP levels indicate a lesser potential of water to oxidize cells in the body
5. Improves taste of water
6. The added minerals within the standard limits help improve the different bodily functions and body parts.
7. The bottle ensures no bacterial growth happens and kills any developed bacteria.

1. Use only drinkable or purified water in the Bottle.
2. Leave it for 20-25 minutes or shake it 3-5 times for instant consumption.
3. A portable device, use it for traveling, office, or home.

Size 255mm H X 78.55mm D
Life 2000 liters
Capacity 500 ml
Material Polycarbonate
Weight 290 grams
pH value up to 9.5
Package contents Bottle | pH testing liquid | User manual | Warranty Terms