Bio+ BioRays Ion Spray Flyer

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Product Description:
The Ion Spray turns purified water into Antioxidant, Hydrogen-rich water, making water molecules smaller & easily absorbed by the skin. BioRays Ion Spray is an exclusive product used for moisturizing and making human cells alive. It gives excellent moisturizing, antibacterial & antimicrobial effects. 

About The Technology:
BioRays Ion Spray uses 100% certified Silver flakes & high-quality bioceramics(read more about bioceramics on our website The Silver flakes are the main functioning material, giving an extreme antibacterial & antimicrobial effect. The Bioceramics add minerals, facilitating water to give a moisturizing effect.

1. Spray on your face about 3 times a day.
2. Use as a mouth freshener.
3. Use for helping cure Folliculitis, a skin condition that causes hair follicle inflammation.

Key Features:
1. Antibacterial & antimicrobial effect on skin, clearing dust and other impurities.
2. Moisturising effect on skin Pure Silver flakes & high quality bioceramics.
Long lasting, lasts upto 5000 sprays.