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Light Commercial Water Ionizer

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To be used at
1. Restaurants
2. Societies
3. Temples
4. Cinema Halls
5. Wedding Halls
6. Malls
7. Offices/Factories

1. Healthy Water : Cooking Food, Recovering from Hangovers, Making Cocktails, Making Coffee & Tea, etc.
2. Environmental Friendly Water : Cleaning Utensils, Removing Stains or Slime from the floor, Washing clothes and stains from clothes, Sterilising vegetables & meat (enhancing the taste), etc.
3. Sanitary Water : Disinfect Hands, Disinfect Toothbrushes, Clean your skin, Removing Odours, etc.
4. Beauty Water : Effective in Toning the skin, good for Boiling Pastas and other foods and making Batters for Frying, Cleaning the floors and house, etc.

1. The Alkaline Levels on the Ionizer give out Water that is Antioxidant, Hydrogen-rich, Alkaline.
2. Out of the Drinking Range, the Water is beneficial for better digestion, reduced gastric issues, acid reflux, better hydration, reduced inflammation in body, oxidative stress, inflammation and oxidative stress being root cause of every disease and pathology.
3. The Drinking Range can also be used for cooking food and beverages. It helps improve taste, texture, and facilitates faster-boiling speed, saving gas and the environment.
4. The Water with pH 10.5+, pH 3 to 5, are used for cleaning. They have strong cleaning effect which leads to reduced use of detergent inturn leading to lesser usage of detergent and inturn saving the environment.



Model Name

Longen LC-11

Product Type

Light commercial Water Ionizer


340x500x570 (mm)

Unit Weight

20 Kg

Maximum Water Supply Pressure

70 psi

Applicable Water temperature

5-30 C

Electrolysis Method

Continuous Electrolysis

Cleaning Method

Automatic & Manual

Rated Voltage

220 V

Power Consumption

450 W

Power Supply Device

450 Watts SMPS

Filter Number

2 Filters (Dual Filtration System)

Filter Life

6 Months (20 Liters/day)

Plate Materials

Platinum-coated, titanium plates

Plate Number

11 Plates

Plate Type

Solid Plate

Flow Control


Alkaline Options


Acidic Options


Purified Options



Four Color LED

Filter Life Indicator

FND number indicator

Ionized Water output rate

Max 3-6 liters / 1min

Filter Composition

Sendiment Filter

Activated Carbon, Sendiment Filter

Vitamin Ceramic Ball, Fiber Filter