Bio+ WinAir-700B Air Purifier and Humidifier 2-in-1 Air Purification

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BioPlus Air Purifiers are the best in class Air Purifiers which are equipped with HEPA 13 filter. These Air Purifiers purify the smallest micron present in the air of the area. These Purifiers are a perfect fit for Homes with kids and Senior adults.

Looking at the growing rate of pollution in current times, these purifiers eliminate all your worries. Bioplus WinAir-700 has a range of purifying a space up to 484 sqft and has a CADR value of 280 m3/h.

Adding to this, the purifier can be used in dry climatic areas. The purifier comes with a Humidifier which allows users to use it in low-hydrated areas to get the perfect air.

Domestic & Industrial:
1. House/Home
2. Societies
3. Gym
4. Offices/Factories
5. Banquet Halls/ Restaurants
6. Clubs

1. No Dust
2. No Bacteria
3. Well-protected Ambience 
4. Increases Breathing Capacity


Model Name

HEPA Filter
Carbon Filter
UV light purification
Anion Air Purification

CADR  280 m3/h
Suitable Area
45m3/484 square feet
Sensor Dust Sensor(Infrared Sensor)
Power 220V/50 Hz
Rated Power(W) 70W
Noise 61 dB
Dimension 218 X 218 X 501 mm
Net Weight 8.6 Kg
Gross Weight 10 Kg
Net Dimension 385*208*615mm
Watertank Capacity(for Humidification) 2.5L