Why You Must Add Minerals To RO Water

Reverse osmosis is a system that removes contaminants from water but in doing so it is doing more harm than good. It is known for its filtered water which is free of harmful pollutants such as chlorine and lead. It is also well known to filter out all the microorganisms that your tap water has. What it is not known for is its removals of important minerals from the water. It is important to understand that an RO system uses a microscopic mesh that keeps particles of a certain size out. But it doesnt separate the good particles from bad. It just cannot do it. It filters out everything.

While removing toxic chemicals and harmful microbes, you are also getting rid of healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. This leads to numerous questions like what to drink now? Should you keep having RO water? How can you add the minerals back in the water? Lets take a closer look at the issue in hand and try to understand why adding minerals is important.

The membrane and filters in an RO work as a filtration system on a microscopic scale. They are placed in front of water and allow water to pass through. It catches all the microscopic dirt particles, bacteria, viruses and other impurities. It holds all of it and lets the filtered water pass out of the system. In this process, it also stops salts and other minerals at the membrane. So the water that you pour from an RO system doesnt have impurities. But it also doesnt have essential minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, etc.

We get most of our minerals from our food. But that doesnt mean our water does not play an important role in our nutrition. Removing minerals from the water presents bigger problems than everyone realizes. According to research, drinking demineralized water from an RO system actually pulls the minerals out of the food that we eat. The water from RO is mineral deficient. So it will pull the minerals and replenish itself. These minerals are then urinated out of our body.

It effectively reduces the amount of minerals that are available for absorption. The same thing happens when you use RO water for other purposes such as cooking or washing vegetables. As the water is mineral deficient, minerals are leached out of the vegetables. The amount of minerals which are removed by demineralized water is very large.

Our body requires certain minerals to function properly. Using RO water regularly keeps those minerals away from us. Prolonged use might lead to severe health problems. It is very important to have minerals in your water. BioPlus filters provide healthy alkaline water which is mineral rich. Contact us for mineralizing filters now.