Best PH Level For Drinking Water: Understand The Science Behind It

Does the pH of your drinking water really matter?

Before we answer this question, let’s understand what pH really is. pH in simple terms defines the level of acids or alkaline levels in any substance. On a pH scale, 7 is considered neutral. The higher the value the substance is more alkaline, lower the value the substance is more acidic. For example, orange juice has a pH of 3.3, which means it is acidic.

Why is pH value important in water and What is the pH of drinking water?

The pH of your body depends on how well the kidneys are performing. If your water pH levels are below 7, it means your water is not healthy, the water is too acidic. The intake of such water can throw off your body’s pH levels, cause you to become very sick and in worse cases, it can also kill you. The best pH level for drinking water is said to be between 6.5 to 8.5.

Very low or very high pH shows contamination of water. Safe pH for water is 6.5 to 8.5 if the water does not fall in between these figures it is not necessarily unsafe but it is not the best pH level for drinking water, If the alkaline levels too are high it can have an odd taste or smell. However, if it is more acidic, it can be contaminated and unsafe for drinking. Maintaining the right balance of both is necessary to get the best pH level for drinking water.

Alkaline water-the new go to choice

Is it good to drink alkaline water?

Alkaline water has become the new fitness choice as it is designed by experts to keep the drinking water pH level chart in mind for people who have been aware of the science of pH in water and are cautious about what they take in. It is found that a pH of 8-9 which is slightly higher than neutral is good for the body and health conditions. Especially for medical conditions such as acid reflux, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It is the best pH level for drinking water for people with these conditions.

How much water should you drink every day?

The average amount a person is asked to drink every day is 8 glasses. But this is a very general recommendation and does not apply to everyone. Some people need more and some less depending on how their day is and the temperature outside. People need more water on hotter days.

Signs when you need to drink more water

  • Your urine colour is a darker yellow
  • A dry mouth or throat
  • The skin on the back of your hand if pinched, takes a little longer to smoothen
  • If you seem to have a small headache

Just by the water alkaline doesn’t make it good enough for drinking, the drinking water we consume must have the required minerals to make it healthy for intake. This is why it is very important for minerals in your drinking water.

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What is the pH of the drinking water that you are consuming?

If you notice your water supply pipes at home have taken to red, blue or white colour, it is a sign of corrosion in the water, which means the water is acidic and not good enough for consumption. Have a look at the drinking water pH level chart to know more.

If your water falls out of the safe range of pH it is time to take steps and call your local water company and inform them of what you have found. To answer your question-is it good to drink alkaline water?

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