Benefits Of Alkaline Water From Ionizer

If you don’t regulate the overall pH of your body, you might be at risk of acidosis or alkalosis. Regulation of pH has to be a priority for everyone. Before understanding the regulation, let’s understand the pH level. The pH level is a scale of 0 to 14 which measures how acidic or alkaline something is. So if the pH of water is less than 7, it is acidic and if it is more than 7, it is alkaline. Drinking Ionized water isn’t just Alkaline but also rich in molecular Hydrogen & has a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (Antioxidant water). All the three properties lead to a lot of health benefits.

While normal drinking water has a neutral pH of 7, recommended drinkable alkaline water’s pH is at 8 or 9. Before getting to the benefits of alkaline water, let’s see how it is created.

What is alkaline water ionizer?

Alkaline water ionizer is an instrument which regulates the pH of drinking water by ionization. It converts acidic water into alkaline and makes it healthier to drink. It has two electrodes: anode and cathode. By passing electricity through these electrodes, the negative and positive ions can be separated. The process is called electrolysis. It separates normal water into highly acidic and alkaline water. Acidic water is dumped and alkaline water is used for drinking.

Now let’s see how alkaline water benefits our health.

  1. Alkaline water neutralizes the acidity of the overall body thus decreasing acid reflux in many people.
  2. It also has colon-cleansing functionalities (water with 10.5+ pH).
  3. It boosts our immune system.
  4. Its detoxifying properties help maintain skin health.
  5. Regular use of alkaline water also decreases blood pressure and regulates diabetes.
  6. Alkaline water has anti-aging properties because of potent antioxidants.
  7. It has ultra-hydrating properties so it is useful for people who work out on a daily basis.
  8. In some cases it aids in weight loss.
  9. It improves the metabolism of our body

These are some of the benefits of drinking alkaline water on a daily basis. The health benefits of alkaline water are far more than regular tap water. It is understandable to hesitate before starting to consume it. If you wish to switch to alkaline water from your regular water but are still skeptical, you can start with a low volume and increase it over time. Alkaline water may show its positive effects in the first few days of the intake. Contact BioPlus, a leading Alkaline Products Brand in India, for alkaline water products now.